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Symposium II: Emotional and Spiritual Healing with Chinese Medicine

  • Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts 317 North Main Street Natick, MA, 01760 United States (map)

Friday, January 13, 2017   6:30 - 10:00 p.m.
Classical Chinese Medicine and Psychology: An Introduction
Guest Lecturer Dennis Willmont

Daoist Psychology is based upon the cosmology and worldview of the ancient Chinese Daoists and acupuncturists of the Classical Chinese tradition detailed in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine and other classical text. 

Understanding Daoist Psychology gives us the ability to see others and ourselves from this unified perspective. It shows us how our human suffering is created and how we can be healed from this universal condition to restore the original humanity that we have since lost. 

This workshop begins with a lecture followed by a specific acupressure formula designed to allow participants to practice and synthesize this conceptual material. Come prepared to give and receive a Daoist inspired acupressure treatment!

Saturday, January 14, 2017   10:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Zhang Jie Bin:
A Comprehensive Understanding of Spirit and Emotions
Guest Lecturer Cindy Banker

As a physician and scholar of the Ming dynasty, Zhang Jie Bin had access to the wealth of literature that formulated all of the theory now described as Traditional or Classical Chinese Medicine. 

Zhang Jie Bin's military background and brilliant mind helped him succeed in the extremely ambitious goal of re-organizing the original “classic” the Nei Jing into his own Lei Jing, published in 1624. 

A comprehensive clinical manual, the Lei Jing was used as a blue print for the Chinese Medical textbooks that followed.  

Many sections, including the ones on Qing Zhi Bing (Emotional and Mental Illness) however, were deemed unscientific and purposefully omitted. 

It is here that our own modern scholars can find descriptions of how Spirit, emotions and the Mind act as primary drivers for both health and physical pathology.

In this seminar we will read Zhang’s original descriptions and discuss our own clinical experience in finding spiritual-emotional-psychological levels of resonance to be a source of health or physical pathology. 

With a perspective gained though original translations, combined with a lifetime of clinical experience, Cindy will provide participants the opportunity to explore the brilliance of Zhang Jie Bin work.

Sunday, January 15, 2017   10:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Harmonizing Shen:
An Acupressure Approach using the Chong Mai
Guest Lecturer Barbara Blanchard

One of the Extraordinary Vessels, the Chong Mai or the Penetrating Vessel has an important influence on affecting the emotions. Its characteristics have the ability to harmonize the emotions when they are imbalanced. Extraordinary Vessels are the deepest pathways that circulate Yuan Source Qi and connect to the Dan Tien “elixir field”. You will review and enhance your understanding of the pathway, characteristics and energetic implications of the Chong Mai. We will discuss how emotions can cause pathology, and best approaches for treatment when using the Chong Mai.

Deepen your clinical skills by differentiating hara assessment for the Chong Mai and evaluating how a client with an imbalance in Shen might present.

Designed for Acupuncturists and Asian Bodywork Therapies, learn how to harmonize the emotions using an Acupressure treatment to connect and balance the Chong Mai. You will practice basic Acupressure techniques and learn how to open the vessels and access the Qi. Specific Acupoint combinations will be practiced to tap into the resonance of the Chong Mai.