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Zhang Jie Bin: A Comprehensive Understanding of Spirit and Emotions

  • Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts 317 North Main Street Natick, MA, 01760 United States (map)

Zhang Jie Bin: Program Description
Overlooked by generations of academic and clinical scholars, Cindy will take us on a journey to explore the brilliance of Zhang Jie Bin’s work as it relates to emotional and spiritual health.

A physician and scholar of the end of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Jie Bin’s ideas came at a pivotal time in the evolution of Chinese Medicine. A time that allowed him to reference and build upon the primary texts from earlier scholars - a time before Chinese Medicine became altered by the introduction of Western Medicine.

It is difficult to say what Zhang Jie Bin is most famous for. Modern clinicians and luminaries of Chinese Medicine site him for his mastery of his academic achievement; Chinese herbal medicine; the diagnostic paradigm of his ten questions and aspects of specific work in describing the Triple Warmer, Kidney pathology and rationale for treatment strategies.

Originally published in 1624, “The Classic of Categories” The Lei Jing is divided into two sections. The initial section quotes Chinese Medicine’s original cannon the Nei Jing (compiled during the Han dynasty) and includes all of Wang Bing's original annotations.

The second section of the Lei Jing begins with Chapter 29, Hui Tong 會 通 (Comprehensive Understanding) and sources quotations from where they were originally discussed in the first section but here they appear in an independent order.  

In this section, Zhang further explores the dynamics and pathology of emotional and spiritual health in the chapter titled “Qing Zhi Bing,” (Emotional and Mental Illness).

Although the Lei Jing was used as the template for the structure of future textbooks on Chinese Medicine some sections were omitted including the Hui Tong section. Intrigued by his complex reasoning, Cindy focused her research on this section of the Lei Jing, believing it is where Zhang expressed the culmination of his own thoughts. 

With a perspective gained though her original translations from this historic text combined with a lifetime of clinical experience as a Five Element Shiatsu Practitioner, Cindy will provide participants the opportunity to enhance clinical treatment strategies with a deeper understanding and renewed perspective.

Please join us in this rare opportunity to dive into and digest this rich material as Cindy breathes life into this historic text.

Cindy Banker MA, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM®), C.I. Five Element Shiatsu AOBTA® C.I.

In the 1990’s Cindy completed both a bachelors and masters degree through Lesley University’s Independent Research Options with Ted Kaptchuk serving as her professional advisor. Focusing first on the history of Chinese Medicine Cindy included the study of literary Chinese so that she could access the vast resources of Chinese Medicine’s original source material.

Cindy completed her master’s degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Language with a thesis that translated the Chapter “Qing Zhi Bing” (emotional and mental illness) from Zhang Jie Bin’s Lei Jing (categorization of the Classic). 

Because this text has never been translated into English, Cindy’s research and translation of key sections of the text provides a unique resource within the field of scholarly research.

After completing her masters degree Cindy continued her studies of literary Chinese at Harvard University and participated in many medical text-reading workshops. These workshops were attended by international scholars who each presented their own original translation work.  

Note: This workshop is designed for professionals and students of Acupuncturist, Asian Bodywork Therapy and Medical Chi Kung (Qi Gong). Anyone who takes delight from academic learning as it relates to Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, will be sure to appreciate this class. As a special treat, Cindy will be sharing personal photographs taken of one of the ten remaining copies of a 1624 edition Classics of Categories; the original source material used for her translation written by Zhang Jie Bin is also known as Zhang Jing Yue. 

Zhang Jie Bin: Physician, Intellectual, Author
Book: The Classic of Categories
Chapter: Qing Zhi Bing - Emotional and Mental Illness

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