Symposium I: Emotional and Spiritual Healing with Chinese Medicine

Symposium I
Symposium I
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Symposium I: Emotional and Spiritual Healing with Chinese Medicine


Symposium I: Schedule
Approved for 15 NCCAOM PDA Points
3 Friday, 6 Saturday/Sunday

Friday, September 30, 2016
Classical Chinese Medicine and Psychology: An Introduction
Guest Lecturer Dennis Willmont

Daoist Psychology is based upon the cosmology and worldview of the ancient Chinese Daoists and acupuncturists of the Classical Chinese tradition detailed in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine and other classical text. 

Understanding Daoist Psychology gives us the ability to see others and ourselves from this unified perspective. It shows us how our human suffering is created and how we can be healed from this universal condition to restore the original humanity that we have since lost.

This workshop includes both a lecture as well as a specific acupressure formula designed to allow participants to practice and synthesize this conceptual material. Come prepared to give and receive a Daoist inspired acupressure treatment!

Saturday, October 1, 2016
Divergent Channels: Comprehensive Treatment Strategies
Guest Lecturer Diane Iuliano

Often described as mysterious, Divergent Channels gauge how harmonized we are inside and out. As Divergent Channels pass through the heart, they are uniquely suited to integrate exterior-interior relationships – such as our relationship with the external world to replenish postnatal qi and Extra Vessels to support our genetic heritage.

This class will integrate Divergent Channels with Extra Vessel polarization therapy.  Participants will learn to cultivate diagnostic skills using jing wells, pulse and abdominal palpation. Employing these methods often lead practitioners to a unique treatment strategy to expand the range of clinical application, including disorders of the heart such as manic-depression, insomnia and dream-disturbed sleep.

Sunday, October 2, 2016
Window of the Sky Points: Esoteric Acupressure
Guest Lecturer Barbara Blanchard

First mentioned in the classical Chinese text the Ling Shu, the “Window of the Sky” points are ten distinct points used to balance the earthly and heavenly aspects of the body and spirit. These points are uniquely qualified to address psycho-emotional issues and release the head and neck when the pattern stems from impaired communication between the body and the mind. A transition from a contracted form to an expanded experience helps with the release of emotional traumas.

The class will dive into the energetic actions and effects of these points, and how to effectively palpate in order to tap into their hidden treasures. 

Acupressure techniques for releasing the head and neck on a subtle energetic level will be taught, giving participants the opportunity to experience the effect of opening the energetic gate to the higher spirit of “heaven.”  As important as opening this flow of Qi to an expanded self is the need to secure a grounded center for the spirit self.  We will explore the means of creating this aspect of balance for Shen imbalance.

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The event location is in the greater Boston area, 20 miles from the center of Boston, 15 miles from Cambridge. To investigate alternative modes of transportation click on the links imbedded in each option listed: MBTA Trip Planner (Bus), Massport Airport Transit and MBTA Commuter Rail